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Here are some examples of my work.  You're probably thinking "Just what did you do on this video?"  I've given a capsule summary of that with each sample.

Teen Driver Safety PSA

I came up with the idea, wrote the script, located the car, arranged with the crane company for the drop, brought in a Special Effects guy to coordinate, worked things out with a local high school, placed several cameras and camera operators, did a lot of compositing of the kids in the car with After Effects, edited the piece.

Pocket Agent Promo

I set up a camera in Garrison's living room and interviewed him for two and a half hours over two days.  He came up with the funny stuff on his own.  I edited it.  It won some award for best ad campaign that never got used because it never got used and is fairly entertaining.  Judge for yourself.

Turkey Fryer Safety PSA

I took the script and embellished it.  Originally the turkey had landed in a tree but I thought smashing the truck window was funnier.  Coordinated with my special effects guy, added the flaming door frame, blown up cabin and falling tin at the end.  I directed the production on location at the Duck Dynasty family compound in Louisiana.

I came up with the concept, wrote the lyrics, directed, shot most of it, did the After Effects compositing.

Teen Driver Safety
Heart and Lung Assoc. Fund Raiser

This was what is called a "Gift in Kind" meaning a freebee for the good of the cause.  I directed, shot and edited it.

Life Insurance Awareness

I directed, shot and edited this.  I came up with the visualization of the various stories.  There's actually a lot of After Effects compositing that I did.

Corporate Storytelling

I directed, shot and edited.

Moving Music

A lot of this was shot by a very talented guy named Simeon Pratt.  I shot a few things, produced and directed, came up with the concept of the female piano mover who plays the piano since the owner of the piano doesn't play, and edited it.

Iris the Wonder Dog!

Video can be used for good purposes.  A family in Texas wants to get a Diabetes Alert Dog to help care for their son.  I happen to know a family who has one.  Voila!  A video to help with fund raising.

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