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Stephen Johnson (you can call me Steve)

Born in Chicago, Illinois, raised in Rockford, Illinois, I now live, work and eat in Bloomington, Illinois (most of the time.)


Those are real pancakes (three of them.) And no, I did not finish that breakfast.


The menu said "the most extraordinary pancakes in New Orleans!"  That captured my imagination.  Which might tell you something about me.  I have something of a "let's see what happens" curiosity...which might serve you well when it comes to having me help you with your video needs.



I got started in video/film at Illinois State University but really learned (still am learning!) from working in creative endeavors for the last forty or so years.


Being a news photographer for two and a half years taught me to work quickly and think fast.  Ten years at Illinois Farm Bureau taught me a lot about agriculture as well as telling stories with video on a tight budget.  Twenty-eight years as a staff video director at State Farm Insurance has given me an opportunity to produce a ton of all kinds of videos, on all kinds of budgets, in all kinds of places.


I've traveled to, at last count, thirty-six countries and have made videos in a lot of them. 


This education and background thing is really irrelevant.  What really matters is the video and photo samples I can show you and whether you think it might be fun to work together.


Take a look!

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